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10 Days


About the Course

Me BEFORE We is a ten day guided study of yourself. So many times singles, especially Christian Singles, get so focused on when marriage will come or how to serve faithfully until it does...that they do not ever take time to learn who they are. Many of the simple things have been forgotten about so when it is time to truly be happy in single life, it is impossible because you don't know yourself or worst: don't like yourself.

Me BEFORE We is meant to encourage self awareness at the simplest level.

Me Before We 10 Day Guided Prompts (1)
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Your Instructor

Brittney Reel

B.Reel is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder/Operator of all things, ITMT. She has been transparent about her single journey and is beyond equipped to lead you into a healthy single journey, one that isn't filled with anger, resentment, and regret.

Brittney Reel
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