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How Can ITMT Serve You?

In 2017, not only was B. Reel single; but she was single with a history of being the one before the one. After seeing the third man that she believed was her man become engaged to another woman, she decided to go to God and see what was really going on. She believed she was good catch, but the same thing continued to happen. After a much needed conversation filled with instructions from God,

ITMT was born. 

ITMT = In the Meantime 

Until you see the life God has said for you, what will you do in the meantime to prepare?

When life, love, and everything else seems to be so MEAN, what will you do in the meantime

In the time that B.Reel has been intentional about maximizing her life, so much has been birthed. From books to a podcast, blogs, bible studies, businesses, and more; ITMT is making its way through the earth and it proves that single life isn't all bad, but it isn't the final destination either. So ITMT we just get greater. The truth is we are always a moment or moments aways from attaining our promise from God, and it is our job to steward those moments well.

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