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Breakup to Make Up

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Hey everybody! I am so super totally over the moon thrilled to FINALLY release the sequel to my first novel, Bridgette's Redemption. The book is entitled, "Breakup to Make up". It is available now for pre-order. When you leave this page, click on the "shop" tab and place your order for your copy!!!! Payments are secured through paypal. Below, I have included a brief synopsis of the book! Enjoy!!!! :)

"Bridgette is back with the rest of the gang, and this time they are taking the show on the road. With the debris from her disastrous affair with Leonard Mack finally swept away, Bridgette is ready to move forward with her life with a new attitude. Long-time friend Quincy Randolph has seemingly done a great job keeping her mind in the right place. However, struggling between wanting a solid friendship and a successful relationship, Bridgette unexpectedly decides to welcome William Paisley into her world who provides the protection and stability that she needs. What she quickly realizes is that her new man will not put up with any of her games or indecisiveness. Will Bridgette be able to let go of the past in order to have her happily ever after?"

Find out!!!!

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