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He Isn't Fit for that Pedestal

She was young. She was beautiful, talented, fashionable, and extremely intelligent. She could easily have any boy she liked, but she only had eyes for one. She fell into a mad crazy and passionate love of which she was certain would change her forever. For quite some time, the only feeling she could feel was happiness. His voice, his name, even the compilation of letters that spelled his name was enough to cause intense blushing. She had become long separated from reality, the moment she put on her rose tinted glasses. She was all aglow with love’s happy face. If only he would have remained on the pedestal on which she had created to soar even above the gods.

One day he forgot to be superhuman. He forgot to be a god. He didn’t feel like talking so he was short with her. He was too frustrated to be polite and no matter how nice she was to him, she just couldn’t change his mood. Hoping for success daily, she did everything imaginable to tear down the walls that had unexpectedly stood between her and her man. Nothing seemed to work and soon love’s happy face became love’s sad face.


Have you ever fell so hard that you lose all track of logic? If anyone is a hopeless romantic, it is me. Honestly though, I have always been more of a hopeless romantic for others rather than for myself. Because in my mind, love was about the magical glitz and glam stuff; you know: anything but what reality taught me. I learned that pedestals are not made for humans. I learned that awesome as he is...he isn't a god or GOD. I learned that you really do have to learn patience and kindness. You really can't keep track of wrongs. And all of these things put me in a place mentally far far away from what I considered to be glitz and glam. It put me right in a place of rolling up my sleeves and working really hard to not just love, but to become love. Respect love.

The fact is: love is perfect but we aren't. So the moments do come where the ones that we love are no longer worthy to sit on the pedestal that they most often never built for themselves; rather we built it for them. For years and years, I was put on pedestals that God knows I could not maintain. I, too, put unrealistic standards on people and was disappointed when my demands could not be met. We have to learn to let people be who they are, and the right person/people for your life will be there regardless and will ultimately teach you every lesson that love has to offer.

In my case, I thought something was wrong because love was only giving me lessons; never the glitz and glam...but now in hindsight I realize that love has loved me all along.

Prayer: God show us real love. Let it shift us. Let it teach us. Let it break us. Let it build us. Give us the patience to let our hearts become the masterpiece that you saw before we even knew our own names. Amen.

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