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Why Not Me?

Scripture Reference: Genesis 37:3-4 GWT

Israel loved Joseph more than all his sons because Joseph had been born in Israel's old age. So he made Joseph a special robe with long sleeves. Joseph's brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them. They hated Joseph and couldn't speak to him on friendly terms.

Sometimes you just wonder what is it that makes her more favorable over me? I am pretty. I have an education. I have a good job with benefits. I'm not looking for someone to sponsor me. I just want to be the apple of someone's eye. I want to the be the motivation behind someone's great work. I want to be the reason someone simply can't stop smiling. What is it about me? Why can't I have that favor with someone?

I can't stand the girls who seem to always win. Can't he see that she only wants him because of his name? Can't he see that she has no genuine interest in him? Can't he see that she's only along for the ride and should the ride break down, she's out and on to the next? I mean, maybe I sound like a hater...but I just don't get it.

In the scripture referenced above, we see where Joseph is favored over his other brothers. We praise Joseph throughout the remainder of the text as we notice how he never loses his dream all the way from the prison to the palace. Have we ever, on the other hand, considered the brothers and how heartbreaking it could have been to openly know that they didn't have the same affection that their father gave Joseph? I bet they felt that it was really unfair and all they could do was hate their brother Joseph.

Single women, many times we feel the same rejection that Joseph's brothers felt. Sometimes we sit to the side and watch someone receive the love we wish we had. It can make us angry, bitter and downright hateful. What can we do differently than Joseph's brothers? The first thing we can do is properly place our emotions. The brothers placed their anger towards Joseph because he was favored when really their anger should have been towards the one who made it obvious that they were less favored. We have to learn, women, not to be so quick to place our nasty attitudes to those women who have received what we are awaiting. We have to learn in those instances where we are liking the same man as another woman not to fight the other woman without addressing the man about the issue. And most of all, we need to understand that we simply won't be everybody's favorite person. We won't be every man's pick. We won't always be the choice, but it doesn't take a single thing away from our worth.

We simply aren't for everyone.

And in those times when you're the favored one, don't feel bad when people hate you because of it. It is what it is.



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