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Return to Sender

Some days I feel, nothing can ever stop me. Some days I feel not so, maybe this isn't for me. Maybe helping others isn't really what I'm supposed to be doing. Surely, my life would be a little closer to perfection than not. Right? Steve Furtick said, "It's not if God will do it again, but will WE do it again?" That statement pierced me as I was right in the middle of a routine wave of fear. The truth is: God's power simply doesn't change. If he said once that he hasn't given us the spirit of fear then that's what it will always be. So the question is not so much if God can make things better again, but can I just believe again?

Fear. A dangerous four letter word that seeks to destroy us time and time again. The fearful spirit, however, is a sweet gift from the enemy. He wraps it real nicely for us covered in facts that he has magnified to seem larger than the truth of God's word. He uses our biggest insecurity as a bow on top. He reminds us what happened the last time. You know, Satan is so stuck on reminding us of the last time something went wrong because it's really all he can rely on. Have you noticed how his tricks never get more clever? They never add a twist. Every trick is a repeat of what he has already done to us.

We fall for it every time.


Don't try that business venture. It may not work out. Don't trust again. You may end up hurt again. Don't go back to school. You may not be able to keep up. Don't pursue your purpose. No one will really be helped, anyway. Right? Wrong.

Today, I decided to send this perfectly wrapped gift of fear back to the sender. Devil, open your gates because fear is on its way back to you. I didn't place this order. FEAR does NOT belong to ME.

Return to Sender.

I've chosen to open the gift from the father this time. Power. Love. Sound Mind.

Do you know how important it is to have a sound mind? People think it's crazy when you don't react to the enemy based on the facts that has been presented. A sound mind, though, gives me the courage to rely on the truth of God's word over my life.

"Facts can never change the truth, but truth can certainly change the facts." -Matthew Stephenson

Sorry, devil. Not today. Not tomorrow. You can have your fear back.

While I'm at it, you can have the doubt that you sent. You can have the inadequacy that you sent. Oh yeah, that can get that too. I'm not defined by that. That time my authenticity was mishandled, yeah...get that back too. The time my vulnerability was traded off for popularity...nah, I don't need that anymore either. Let's see...oh yeah, financial frustration...that doesn't belong to me either. Indecisiveness, nope. Not mine. Feeling like I have to protect everyone else's feelings at the expense of my own...yeah, get that back too.

I'm not here for it anymore.

Sick of the mind games.

I'm dope and I know it.

God's love has affirmed me.

Anything else that comes for THAT truth...

Return to Sender.

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