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Hi Bucky!

I'm no sports analyst, although I do watch sports and the last time I wrote anything sports-related was as the Sports Editor for my High School Newspaper. Last year during college football season, you likely heard all the buzz around the Sanders Family who took the college football industry by storm. As Primetime Deion Sanders delved deeper into his collegiate coaching experience at Colorado State, his sons also became even more widely known. His youngest son, Shedeur Sanders, had so many eyes on him being the leader of the team as the Star Quarterback. Shilo Sanders, also on the team, stars as a Defensive back. With their necks and wrists adorned with expensive jewelry and a flashy smile to match, people either hated or loved to see it. I, for one, loved to see it. The family business of it all captivated and inspired me. Yes, I stayed up until nearly 3 am watching the late games and yes I kept watching even when they didn't continue to win during the season. Simply put, I fell in love with all the Sanders family was serving up.

But how was I seeing so much footage of them? Why was the content so captivating? Why did I feel so inspired by a sixty or ninety-second reel? What made me sit for hours after finding The Welloff Media Youtube Channel? I soon realized that there was someone else, also a Sanders, who wasn't just creating content but was creating culture.

Deion Sanders, Jr. -----The man behind the lens.

Sure we would still see a great deal about the Sanders Family if he weren't documenting their lives. Yeah, but it wouldn't be done in such a way that lets you know you are experiencing history. That then made me think.

Why do numerous individuals aspire to become the visible representative of a company, ministry, or business? There seems to be a lesser inclination towards roles that operate out of the limelight, allowing the quality of one's work to stand as its own testament. If one is compensated for their services, what fuels the additional need for public affirmation? While the necessity of attracting clientele is clear, it appears that, in many instances, the underlying motivation is a personal desire for recognition, a nod to one's ego. This perspective can often divert attention from the actual objectives, as the emphasis is placed on a long list of names vying for their moment of acclaim.

Deion Sanders, Jr, while not an official player on the Colorado football team, teaches us the most valuable lessons of being on a team. He teaches us that winning happens when everyone gets in their lane and executes their position in excellence. It is when you work that hard without needing to be seen that you ultimately become seen.

This blog post is nothing more than a nod to Deion Sanders, Jr. who exemplifies the humility of being a son and the honor of being an older sibling with a true servant's heart. It is with that heart and eye for excellence that he has become as impactful as he has, in his own lane.

Whenever I settle in and immerse myself in Well Off Media, my attention isn't solely on the content itself, but rather on the meticulous attention and craftsmanship of the person behind the camera. The moment I hear the phrase, "I took L's and walked away like I was undefeated," I start taking notes.

It's rare for me to admit that I'm an admirer of someone's work, but the truth is simply: I'm a fan and a student. Bucky, if by chance you come across this—thank you for being the muse for those of us who thrive behind the scenes. Your teachings on the essence of staying true to our path are invaluable.

All images taken from Deion Sanders' Jr. Instagram Page -- @deionsandersjr

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