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It's amazing the woman you become the moment you realize that you're loved. You reach a level of energy that's sexier than sexy. Your confidence is through the roof, and even your flaws can't berate you.

Being loved is something we don't appreciate often enough. Because we're born into an immense love, we often take it for granted. Because we don't believe that God's love for us is the perfect fairytale ending, we seek the earth for a love that pales in comparison.

From the days of standing at my high school locker hoping that I'd be recognized by my then crush, I began seeking the love of man. I can't say that I didn't get something from them over the years. I definitely got something, but it was never what I desired so strongly. Something always seemed to fall short. Even now as a thirty-two year old woman, when I find myself craving the love of man, I can't help but notice how it simply falls short. And it's not that the love isn't okay, but it simply misses the bar that's been set.

The love that I've been fortunate enough to encounter in the last few years is one that takes action. It gives. It always has time for me. It doesn't hesitate to affirm me. I'm not a bother to this love. It always responds. It's respectful of my emotions. This love is gentle and compassionate, and it corrects me kindly. It's the love of God, and it's a high that no human can ever reach.

So yeah, do I sit in loneliness some nights in wait of my husband? Absolutely. But the wait is a little easier when I realize that I'm already loved.

So let's #reelitin...

Being loved by man is so much more empowering once you accept God's love. And even if you have somebody or once you get somebody, they will never level up to God's perfect love. So now is a great time to relax and embrace a love that has been pursuing you since before your existence.


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