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Single With a BAE: Identifying Bae

Bae. A word I swore I would never use. The word was as annoying to me as all the rap songs with the rapper singing every word instead of actually rapping. And just as these annoying songs with the catchy hook began to stick to my mind and had me dancing and hittin the QUAN; I also began smackin my lips, bobbing my head with a crazy smirk saying "THAT'S BAEEEE!"

I initially began using the term with men I'll probably never meet: Derek Luke, Idris Elba, and countless other sun kissed men of the arts. But then one day out of nowhere after ending a tango call, I looked into the distance that was smothered by the sprung thickened air of my bedroom and said..."That's BAE!" And with my analytical self, it was dire that I define just who/what bae is to me. I am guided by a strict principle when it comes to relationships: I am single until I am married. I never, however, considered the day I would deem someone as my "bae." And from my experience, there are certain rules of which you govern yourself when you are single (marital status) but have a bae.

Learning and understanding bae can be fun. Sometimes it can be annoying. Sometimes you can feel like a winner and sometimes you may fail miserably. The good part is that there is instruction from God even for the woman--- single but in love with Bae. God's word leaves nothing uncovered which is why I am so excited to move forward with this blog. This will be fun. Step One though: Identifying the Bae. lol

Identifying BAE.

Bae is the one who you see the most potential with. Bae is not just the one who gives you butterflies; instead, bae is the one who understands your transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Bae is not the person who you fight over, but instead bae is the one you will definitely fight for (well, I know I will). Bae isn't perfect; but there is a perfect love that has developed in your heart for him. The moment I attached the term 'bae' to a real live person within my reach, I realized that it's a big deal to say that this individual is 'before anyone else'. HUGE DEAL.

Prayer: God help us identify who bae is. Help us identify who bae isn't. Give us the peace and patience to wait a little longer if who we think is it; isn't. Keep our ears tuned to your voice so that we may be guided in the right direction. Amen.


Don't lose whatever it was that attracted him to you while trying to impress others.

ENTRY TWO: SINGLE WITH A BAE: Not losing ME for a Premature WE

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