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Single With a BAE: Am I Crazy?

Okay so it's just us girls here, right? I am speaking directly to YOU...but each time I address YOU, just imagine me standing in the mirror talking too. :)

Listen. You could have had sense all of your life UNTIL you get that bae that you REALLYYYY feelin! It's like an unknown crazy switch turns on before you even realize it.

If his phone goes off and he immediately tells you who it is and offers to show you, you are crazy.

If you know the exact amount of minutes it has been since he was active on facebook, you are crazy.

If you confront him on every female who likes his pictures, you are crazy.

Just a few....

Now, it's not that you want to be crazy; it is just that you have taken territorial to a whole 'notha level. I completely understand being territorial. I completely understand the rage that comes from something so little as a female sending him emojis. Let me tell you, them heart eyes gone get somebody torn to pieces. LOL... but seriously, it is up to us to manage our emotions. A little crazy is flattering, but a lot of crazy is gonna get you a one way ticket to alone. The underlying issue with crazy is insecurity. Perhaps a previous bae did you wrong and you've carried it into you current situation. Perhaps the current bae did something to make you feel some weird kind of way. Or maybe you have childhood issues that have caused you a great deal of insecurity. Insecurities stem from so many different things. Sometimes they are phyical and a lot of times they are completely psychological. Whatever the form; it is hazardous to both you and the bae to carry those insecurities around daily.

Now if you have become matched with the BAE who is going all the way; then he is more often than not confronting those insecurities and helping you conquer them through various affirmations. (He probably doesn't even realize it and that's a good thing.) But if your bae is just temporary, he probably doesn't have the patience to help you overcome these issues; which is why it is best to have these issues worked out already before adding a BAE to the equation.

And let's just be can be crazy if you choose. You can threaten any girl who looks at your bae. You can steal his phone and read his messages if you'd like. You can stalk his social media all day if you choose. You can cuss him out all the time for liking people's pictures. You can post pictures of you and him every hour of the day if you want. You can do the daggone most...if that's what you feel. BUT...WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO, IT WILL GET DONE! (If he that's what he is on)...So save your blood pressure a little! It may seem a little crazy (no pun intended)...but give all of that crazy to GOD!!!! Give those insecurities to God. Don't be the crazy girl that everyone is looking at like "chile please!" PLEASE DON'T BE HER!!! IF YOU ARE HER, DON'T BE HER ANYMORE!!! If anything, let people call you crazy for never publicly responding to things they expect you to.

Remember: People are always going to talk. People are always looking for the next big story and when you don't share your story; they will come up with a storyline for you. And they will find a way to paint you as the crazy girl for even dealing with who you're dealing with...BUT... it's okay for people to think you're crazy for being in your situation as long as you and bae know what's up!!! DON'T BE CRAZY! BE WISE! SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

A foolish man lets out all his wrath, but a wise man keeps it back quietly. -Proverbs 29:11 (BBE)

Prayer: God help us to address our insecurities and overcome them. We bring you our crazy selves knowing that you can fix anything. Fix us God. Help us be wise women and not dwell and engage in foolishness. Amen.


Btw: Here's to every crazy moment we've ever had lmboooo!!! "Ring the Alarm" ;)

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