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A Letter to My Heart

We've been though a lot together. Sometimes you have spoken way louder than what I would have preferred, and I know you could say the same about me. Yet somehow through our differences; together, we have seen things really work together for our good. With the events of our past in hindsight, I realize that I have caused you a lot of unnecessary harm. Believing my own logic and relying upon my own reasoning nearly broke you. It nearly broke us. Your ways---so filled with purity, patience, and understanding---just seemed to get me walked all over. The truth is: there had been a misconception about you from the start. I thought you would lead me to kisses and roses. Instead, you led me to my truth, my flaws, my insecurities; and you challenged me to see the best in myself so that I could see the best in you and the world around me. You have been so diligent with me until I don't even mind looking like a fool for you.

Because my reality is now shaped by my comprehension of your magnitude, I comfortably trust in you. You are my faith to walk on water without being phased by the storm around me. You are the sensitivity that I'm no longer afraid to put on display. You are the primal instinct to fight any battle and win; physical, emotional, or spiritual. You have become my weapon, my prayer, my against all odds victory dance in the rain. You are the sureness in my core and the hard work for which I willingly volunteer. You are my heart and I'm so glad you're inside of me filling every space and leaving gifts of joy and traces of forgiveness and compassion. I've got some battle scars reminding me of when I almost lost; but I look at each one and find confidence because you're here. I am so worth it because you're here. I promise to honor, cherish, and and always respect you.

Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.

-Proverbs 4:23

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