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Either You Will or You Won't

She prayed a prayer. One that she was sure had become familiar to God. It's not that she didn't trust the promise anymore, but she just wanted to show God that she was devoted to it in prayer. Until he said to her, "Pray for something else. Pray for something different. Go deeper." She didn't know what "deeper" would entail. So she sat in silence until the weight of her heart began to press her tongue as she formed a new prayer to God. "God help me to be content in your will" is what she began to pray. When the words surfaced, she immediately wanted to take it back, not at all sure if God's will were that of her own. She was coached into submission of those words, and the girl who kneeled in prayer then stood in power as she realized that her peace lay right in the middle of six words "Either You Will or You Won't."

My dad once told me that you're never one hundred percent ready for life's changes, but at some point you put your fears aside and dive into it. There comes a point when your faith in God should reflect his faithfulness to you. So it's like this: when God lets me down, then I'll stop believing that I can do and become anything. But that kind of faith doesn't just stand still. It moves. It explores. It takes chances. It causes whispers and head shaking from people who just don't get it. But none of it matters the moment you decide, "Either You Will or You Won't."

No matter the situation, I only have these six words: Either You Will or You Won't.

Either you will take a chance or you won't.

Either they will love me or they won't.

Either they will support me or they won't.

Either my biggest dream will come true or it won't.

I'm just a girl who is now enjoying the peace and freedom of not trying to control everything around me.

I'm on the verge.

Letting it all go.

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