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I Get It Now

Even as she stands face to face with everything she's prayed for, she can't help but notice the demons that sneak from the crevices of her hope. They glare at her offended by her audacity to overcome the force of their evil hold. Although she's in clear view of her heart's desire, she knows that the closer she gets, the harder the wait becomes. Impatience. It has been her failing grade every time, keeping her retained at the same level for years. She's thought that her failures came from broken friendships, missed opportunities, and less than stellar heart decisions; but she finally realized that her only failure was her inability to wait on God's timing. She finally understood that she had to stop looking at herself through the eyes of people who would never truly see her so that the beauty that flows from the purity of her heart could finally be exposed in its proper time. She finally set her eyes on her promise and vowed not to waver. So when those hope threatening thoughts arose this time, she recognized that she was just anxious for the win and scolded herself because there's no need to wait for what's already been won. She's not losing anymore. She's on the verge.


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