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I've Been Here Before

If i told you that every guy I’ve ever given my time to has fallen in love with me, would you believe me?

Probably not.

You would more than likely say that somebody has told me wrong. You would probably assume that my confidence needs to be brought down just a tad.

And then I would repeat myself and tell you again that every guy I’ve ever given my time to has fallen in love with me.

It’s not that I’m the prettiest girl in the world. It’s not that i have the best body in the world. Depending on how disciplined I feel like being, THAT can be quite the opposite. It’s not that I have tons of cash to buy a man like many women like to do these days.

It’s just that i have a good heart. I listen. I share. I support. Genuinely.

But you know what?

Falling in Love is the easy part, and it’s why I’m no longer moved by the man who merely falls in love with me.

Because as the history book of my life will reveal, I’ve been here before. Time and time again. Oh he’s in love...WOW!

But who will act on it? Who will do more than say it? asking for a, wait! I’m asking for my daggone self.

What i do know is that I have a promise. No more wandering in love. I’m crossing over into a land where love meets action. That’ll be somewhere I’ve never been before and although giants may greet me in that land; I am certain that I’ve already conquered them all...because this time I fell in love with a promise keeper. Abba.

My frog kissing days are over.

In Jesus Name.


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