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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

From the moment she attempted to use flattery to deflect from the issue at hand, I knew.

I knew I hated her.

I'm not talking about some Middle School mean girls at the cool kids lunch table hate. I mean, hate. The kind in the bible that gets you in trouble.


I sat in the parking lot just watching. Waiting. I wasn't big on confrontation, but on this night, the moment felt as ready to pop as a week old pimple with fresh heat applied to it. She whipped from the side parking lot to the main parking lot and parked right in my view.

As she tried to mask her anger, I giggled a little because her stomp rivaled that of Respeucia from Norbit.

The question was gently asked to me, "Do you have a problem with her? She keeps saying you do."

"Nope." I answered with a smirk.

The smirk pissed her off so I quickly decided to make that my weapon.

She hurled accusations at me.

I smirked.

It continued.

I left.


I don't hate her anymore, but I still don't like her.

I been praying about it.

Honestly. Minus the smirk. #inthemeantime

DISCLAIMER / NEED TO KNOW : The full account of this situation is not presented in this blog post. This is the most simplified version where I CHOSE to highlight myself, perhaps not at my highest level. I wanted to point out that I am far from perfect. When pushed, I'm a b-word. I mean, a rough one lol ... It's not always maturity and clean responses when dealing with conflict over here. What we will never do in ITMT is lie like we got it all together. I'm literally IN THE MIDDLE of a process to love my enemies. I don't need a sermon or bible plan. I got them. Just let me be real for a moment.

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