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War With Anxiety

My name is Brittney and I’m in a war with anxiety.

I’m putting this on blast because it is my opposer’s hope that I would fight alone without the boisterous cheers of those who believe in me.

I’m in a war with anxiety.

And it’s much like the school’s bully

steady asking for my peace like it’s lunch money before resolving to shove me in a locker.

And For far too long I have given it up without a fight thinking it would go away and find another victim.

But it only makes him comfortable that I comply so well.


The instruction I’ve heard all too much.

You’re black.

Comply with the officer.

You’re a woman.

Comply with the man.

But still I find myself in this war with anxiety

Because my truth remains the same that the world around me is far too stained.

The truth is, I’ve experienced peace.

And it felt much like the relief of releasing your clothes at the end of a long day.

It felt like the sweetest massage to the soul.

And I want that forever.

Before Jesus went to take his seat next to our Father, he gifted me with peace.

So why am I warring with anxiety?

Imagine living in obedience...

Literally geographically Living in the place where God has commanded you to be

And seeing death run rampant in the earth and just want to share the same dwelling space with your closest family.

That seems to be anxiety’s heaviest artillery right now.

But I have experienced peace before

And I want that forever.

I am in a war with anxiety and for the longest I was losing but now...

I’m learning to fight back.

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