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White Dress

Walking into a fairly new space that I was beginning to call home, I had the feeling. That feeling. And as pretty as I was that night in my long white semi formal caped gown that he picked, it couldn’t and wouldn’t conceal the feeling. That feeling.

In the pit of my stomach, there was a knowing that something had changed. Something was different, and it wasn’t for my gain. An unwelcome voice in my head quickly berated my flimsy attempt at optimism because although I wasn’t sure, the feeling needed no evidence.

“I was losing the man I love and all I could do was cry.” -Etta James

A few days ago I found that white tear stained dress from three years ago. And as damning as it was for me then to confirm my feeling as fact; today I know that it wasn’t so bad. So I pray for you today...that #inthemeantime you will see things through the proper lens. Sometimes the facts won’t lean in your favor, but the truth will always remain the same.

You are loved, chosen, beautiful, and enough

...for God, for yourself, and whoever has been chosen for you.

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